Pump Trainer Upgrade

The Revision 4 download is free to owners of the full-version Pump Trainer. This upgrade requires a fully-installed version of Revision 4 to function.

If you own the Revision 4 CD and have it installed, use this upgrade program posted below.

Downloading the Upgrade Install Package:

  1. Click on the download link, below.
  2. When the download window appears, click "save." Select a directory on your computer to which to save the file.
  3. When the download is complete, select the "Open" or "Run" button (depends on your operating system and browser) to execute the file and start the installation. (The installation program will run from the saved location on your computer.)
  4. Continue with Installing the Upgrade Install Package instructions, below.

Download PumpTrainerUpgrade_1.04.00.21.exe Upgrade requires Revision 4 CD
release 4.00.21, March 25, 2010
2.55 MB (2,678,784 Bytes)

OR, download the individual Upgrade files:

  1. Firegr04_r21.exe
  2. d3drm.dll   (for Windows 7, 8 and Vista users only)
The download file is a self-extracting executable file. After you download this file, execute it, following the on-screen directions. Your installation was successful if you start your program and see "upgrade, version 1.0 rev 4.00.21" on the opening screen. See Revision History for program modifications, and release notes for further information.

Installing the Upgrade Install Package:

  1. Having selected "Run" after downloading the file (or after clicking on the file name, if it was previously downloaded) the "Pump Trainer Upgrade Installation " window appears. It shows a default installation directory:
    c:\Program Files\Fireground Pump Trainer
    or, for 64-bit users of Windows 7 and Vista:
    c:\Program Files (x86)\Fireground Pump Trainer
    Make sure this install path matchs your current installation directory (the one with "Firegr04.exe.")
  2. Click "Next" to then select the program folder (which will appear in the Start Menu) which defaults to "Fireground Pump Trainer". This folder will contain new Pump Trainer "Upgrade" and "Upgrade Uninstall" icons.
  3. Click "Next" button to see the "Installation Summary" page, then click "Install".
  4. Click "Finish

This install program installs two files: "Firegr04_r21.exe" into the Pump Trainer directory, and "d3drm.dll" into the system directory for Windows Vista 64 users.

To INSTALL the individual Upgrade files manually :

  1. Copy "Firegr04_r21.exe" to your Pump Trainer installation directory, where the default is:
    c:\Program Files\Fireground Pump Trainer
    or, for 64-bit users of Windows 7 and Vista:
    c:\Program Files (x86)\Fireground Pump Trainer
  2. Copy "d3drm.dll" (for Windows 7 and Vista users only) to your Windows System directory:
    for 32-bit: copy d3drm.dll to C:/windows/system32
    for 64-bit: copy d3drm.dll to C:/windows/sysWOW64

Revision 4 Release Notes: readme10r4.txt

Pump Trainer Manual (PDF): Manual Revision 4c

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