Demo Download

Download the Revision 4 demo now! This version corresponds to the current Revision 4 Pump Trainer Upgrade release, so see the Revision 4 Upgrade for details.

The download demo is a "self-extracting" executable file. Execute it, following the on-screen setup instructions.

View read-me file details on demo program installation, operation, and limitations or online pricing . Pricing information is also included in the download.

Included in the demo download are two pump panels, a sample evolution, and some sound files. Please distribute our demo software.

Download    PumpTrainerDemo_1.04.00.21.exe
Revision 4 Demo, release 4.00.21, March 25, 2010
3.69 MB (3,871,309 Bytes)

Revision 4 Release Notes: readmedemo10r4.txt

Pump Trainer Manual (PDF): Manual Revision 4c

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