• design-your-own panels with numerous panel components
  • up to 15 discharges + tank fill
  • configurable supply
  • configurable pump parameters
  • configurable discharge lines
  • nozzles: automatic, selectable gallonage, straight bore; handline and master stream
  • programmable tender resupply
  • switch between Metric and English units at the click of a button. "Metric" allows KPa or Bar pressure units.
  • user-labeled valve and discharge gauge names
  • programmable fireground incidents
  • your sound card is used to create engine and primer pump sounds
  • add sound (WAV) files that will prompt or direct operator (text files are default if you have no sound card) in an evolution
  • friction loss adjustment
  • login/tracking for multiple students
  • plots performance data: pressures and flows
  • simulates discharge-side water hammer
  • burn-house simulation
  • next revision is free on the Internet
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