Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Pump Trainer cost? The suggested retail price is $144.95 (US) for a single user license, but our distributors' prices may vary.
  • Are volume discounts available? Yes. If you have more than six workstations, consider a "network" license instead of "single user" license. Find pricing details on our pricing order form.
  • Will Pump Trainer run on a Macintosch? Sorry, no.

Revision Issues & Upgrade Questions

  • What does the Revision 4 upgrade cost? The Upgrade is distributed as a free download, to current Pump Trainer owners. The full version must already be installed on your computer to enable the downloaded program.
  • My pump panel label colors are not being saved! That was due to a revision 19 upgrade bug, since fixed in revision 20
  • My governor control is not working. Not only was the governor not functioning properly, but adding any governor to a panel (in panel design) automatically added a throttle to the panel, when panel is reloaded. Fixed in revision 20.

  • I get an error after I install the factory-sealed CD and run the program. A box comes up that says something like "Missing d3drm.dll" In fact, Microsoft no longer includes the system file "d3drm.dll" in Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. But we have included that file (with install directions) on our upgrade page. Install the upgrade package (which includes that system file) on the upgrade page and the error disappears.
  • Can I still run my original Revision 3 program after installing the Revision 4 upgrade? Yes. If you load your rev 3 files into rev 4, they will be saved as rev 4 (only) files.
  • I tried to load an evolution and I got an error: "4.0 is not a valid floating point number". Why? If, in your "Regional Settings" (Control Panel) you use a comma (,) instead of a period (.) for your "Decimal Separator" then you would get see this error as soon as you would try to load an evolution. Changed in release 4.00.16
  • Aren't there supposed to be caps for disconnected lines? Yes, but they apparently got lost in the Revision 3-4 version change. You will now see them again in release 4.00.15
  • I can program an incident for "line rupture" or "decouple", but when the incident time comes due, I get 15 error boxes... This works properly in release 4.00.15
  • After selecting a "Direct Injection Foam" system in "Panel Design" I select the manual/rotory dial proportioner from the right-click pop-up menu in panel design, but it does not appear. This was corrected in release 4.00.14
  • I cannot get my discharge and intake connections to appear when I right-click in "Panel Design" mode and I select "Connectors" from the pop-up menu. This was corrected in release 4.00.14
  • When I click 'OK' on the Radio Configuration screen, I get an 'Access violation at address...' error. I am running Windows 2000. Corrected in release 4.00.13
  • After my supply line ruptures (supply incident) and I select "replace supply line" from the menu, I get the message "There is no need to replace the supply line." Not correct. True. Corrected in release 4.00.12
  • My department attempted to download the upgrade from your website, but it won't run. It gives an error message about the upgrade not \ being installed in the correct directory. We are running revision 4, installed from the CD. What is wrong? " The upgrade was not letting Revsion 4 upgrade run unless Revision 3 had been installed. Corrected in release 4.00.11
  • Sometimes a pop-up menu will come up after starting an evolution. It has text in another language and the program locks up. What's going on? Pump trainer was not detecting the case-sensitive .WTX filename, and it was looking for a .WAV file of the same name. Corrected in release 4.00.10
  • A "range-check" error occurs when an I change an intake or discharge valve to 'electronic' style, and then I right-click on it. What do I do? The same problem existed for tank-to-pump & tank fill valves. Corrected in release 4.00.10
  • Clicking on the Tank-to-Pump Button on the discharges screen just brings up the discharge that is currently selected, but shouldn't I expect to see Tank-to-Pump setup? Yes. The same problem existed for the tank fill valve. Corrected in upgrade, release 4.00.10
  • I cannot change some of the discharge label colors--what's the deal? This problem is corrected in the posted upgrade, release 4.00.10
  • When I am designing a panel and trying to place a component, why do I get the "cannot drag" symbol (red circle with a slash through it)? This is an incompatibility with the Windows 98 (and greater) operating system. This problems prevents the user from placing panel components to create a custom panel. It has been corrected in the posted upgrade.
  • Why is the throttle response so slow on my NT machine? An ideosyncracy of NT graphics has to do with redrawing the screen--so many times, in fact, that it causes this slow response. We have circumvented this flaw and corrected the problem in the upgrades.
  • Why do I get an "Invalid floating point error" or "range-check error" when starting the program? The currently-distributed version does not allow for monitor display of 'true color.' This version will show a "range-check error" or "floating-point error" if your monitor now displays better than "High Color (16-bit)." (This limitation has been corrected in the posted upgrade.) As a workaround, you can reduce your Desktop colors displayed to "High Color": Right-click on the Desktop and select "Properties" from the menu, select the "Settings" tab from the new window, then select "High Color" from the "Color" dropdown box.
    There has also been a "range-check error" reported when starting a simulation. Our posted upgrade has addressed this bug.
  • Why do I see "Invalid floating point error" when opening the discharge valve for of a "Wye" line I design? This bug has been corrected in the posted upgrade.
  • When I run the program, I get an "Access Denied" error. Why? If administrative privileges are required to install software, the application must be granted permission to write to its own directory and subdirectories. Also, the current upgrade addresses Pump Trainer writing to the Windows System directory, which could also have caused an "Access Denied" error.

Revision History

    Release 4.00.21. March 25, 2010
  • Minor visual changes in Splash screen and About dialog, regarding Network Licenses.
  • File d3drm.dll now included in install package.
  • Demo time increased to 10 minutes.
    Release 4.00.20. (released? Jan, 2008)
  • Fixed: Label BG colors were not being saved. They would be reset whenever the color menu was droppedUsing new primer pump sound when engine is primed.
  • Fixed: Adding any governor to panel (in panel design) added an unwanted throttle to the panel, when panel is reloaded.
  • Fixed: Governor was not controlling rpm, related to above issue.
    Release 4.00.19. Dec 08, 2005
  • Using new primer pump sound when engine is primed.
  • Engine rpm change which occurred during pump cavitation and 'unloading' was eliminated
  • Prime was not being lost when intake is opened (drafting). and discharge pressure was not going to zero. Corrected.
  • Change initial PSI, at which Relief Valve is set, to 150 PSI, from 88 PSI.
  • RPM on Pierce and Hale throttles now goes to idle when they are double-clicked.
  • Class1 governor fix:(1) extraneous characters in the control display (2) display was not changing every time incr/decr button is clicked
  • Starting discharge valves might be slightly open on default evolution, or on reinitializing. Changed, so that they start closed.
  • Merged menus of throttle and governor because of overlapping functionality
  • FRC throttle display not being properly cleared. Corrected.
    Release 4.00.18. Mar24, 2005
  • Repackaged release with new installer program, as the old installer was crippled by a new Microsoft security patch for XP
  • Rework of network license file implementation.
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